Monday, February 7, 2011

The Blog

So, I‘ve decided to try a cooking blog.  As you can tell by my super creative blog name and witty opening line, I haven’t put a lot of thought into this process so far.  Two things have caused me to start this blog: 1) I like to cook, and 2) I like to write.  Following that logic, I thought I’d give this cooking blog a try, even if my mother and mother-in-law are the only people who read it.  (That may be presumptuous of me.  There’s always the chance that they will just tell me they’ve read it, even if they don’t. )

I should probably start by explaining a little about my cooking process.  I typically collect a ton of recipes, but I usually only have time to get to a few.  I often have some idea of what I want to make, so I will get online and start searching until I find a recipe that works or that I can tweak in order to get what I’m looking for.  Be forewarned that there’s a good chance this blog could be nothing more than a glorified links page to other recipes I’ve found online. I do have a habit of constantly manipulating recipes.  If I do add my own changes to a recipe, I’ll use this blog to explain what I did, my reasoning, and whether the outcome was successful or a complete failure.  I’ve had plenty of both in the past.

Now, on to the cooking.  Hopefully I don’t bore anyone too much. 

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