Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Filet Mignon with Balsamic Mushroom Sauce

On Sunday night, I knew I wanted to make steaks.  My husband & I had a bottle of Guinoc Petit Sirah that we had wanted to try, so a good filet was the logical choice.  For some reason, good red wine also brought to mind mushrooms.  I started looking around for a good mushroom sauce recipe and landed on this, a balsamic sauce with mushroom and shallots.  Instead of a cheaper cut of steak, I used filets.  I figured this was a no- brainer, since “balsamic” and “filet” are two words I always appreciate seeing together on a menu. 

I began with two big 8 oz filets.  Had it been summer, the grill would have been the easy choice, but my options were limited since it is February.  I remembered hearing that you can still cook a good steak by searing each side in a skillet to lock in the juices, then baking it at about 425.  I went with this option so I could deglaze the skillet later and get all those good seared bits for flavor in my mushroom sauce.  The searing worked well, but the baking not so much.  After taking what seemed like way too much time (for me anyway, since I don’t like my steak bloody), I cranked on my oven’s broiler and finished them off.  Although the steaks were missing that flavor you can only get with a grill, they were still very tender. 

I followed this recipe for my mushroom sauce, using cremini mushrooms and shallots.  I did resist the urge to pour some of the Guinoc in instead of some of the beef broth, although I’m sure that would be worth trying sometime.  (Since it was an excellent wine, I’m glad we saved if for drinking.) After I pulled my steaks out of the oven, I dumped the balsamic mushroom sauce over the top so they could soak it all up. 

As for the side, I thought green beans sounded good.  I figured I’d throw in some bacon because those usually go well together.  Besides, is there anything bacon doesn’t improve?*  My husband had requested crispier green beans, so I searched around and found this recipe that involved sautéing before steaming them.  I used my leftover shallots in these instead of onion.  I probably went too heavy on the bacon, but there were few complaints. 

I was pretty impressed with these recipes overall.  The Guinoc, which has a slight peppery finish, went fantastic with the steak.  My husband and I are pretty new to petit sirahs, but are now excited to try some others.  The green bean recipe is definitely a keeper.  I will use the balsamic mushroom sauce recipe again, but perhaps with ½ as much soy sauce.  I thought that made it a little salty.  Next time I try it, how about incorporating some type of gorgonzola cream sauce?  

*I have tried a square of chocolate with crumbled bacon in it.  This was a lesson to me on how just because two of my favorite foods are both in something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will turn out well.  Still, I can’t promise that will stop me from ever trying this recipe in the future.  

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  1. Sounds fantastic! Anytime you want to cook for more people - come over to my place!