Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pulled Pork

Last week, I was looking for a good pulled pork recipe.  I was wanting something I could leave in the crock pot for the day.  After some searching, I found this delicious looking recipe.  The spice mixture looked amazing.  I also liked the idea of brining the pork first. 
After brining a 4.5 pound Boston Butt overnight, I patted the pork loin dry like the recipe says.  I then diverted from the recipe by rubbing a thin layer of yellow mustard all over the pork.  (I actually took that idea from another post I’d seen which had done a great job of making me really hungry.) Next I applied the rub mixture.  Although the recipe uses the oven, I put the meat in my crock pot on low for 10 hours. 
You’ll have to excuse the lack of pictures with this post.  To be honest, I completely forgot to get pictures of the finished product.  I can tell you that it was really good and made for lots of leftovers.  I had left this in the crock pot on a weekday, so I came back from work to a house that smelled amazing.  After smelling this all day long, the Helpers were begging at our feet as we were fixing dinner.  I would  also recommend following the recipe and keeping some rub to mix in with the cooked pork.  It added a fantastic layer of flavor. 

"Where's mine?"

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