Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vanilla Bean Scones

Like a lot of people, I’m partial to those petite vanilla bean scones they serve at Starbucks.  I’m also partial to trying anything that involves vanilla beans.  Awhile back, I’d seen The Pioneer Woman Cooks version of these scones.  I had never attempted scones before, so I was a little nervous about this recipe. 

I will warn you that this is a scary recipe.  By scary, I mean it has enough unhealthy ingredients to let you know it must taste really good.  The quantities of butter, cream and powdered sugar made me decide to make this on a night where I could send off some of the finished product to work with my husband.  That way I wouldn’t have a bunch of (hopefully) delicious scones sitting at my house tempting me. 
One problem about making these on a weekday evening was that I didn’t get started until about 10 p.m.  That caused me to rush a little more than I would have normally liked to.  I kind of felt like the scones turned out the opposite of the s’mores cupcakes from the other day in that they tasted great, but didn’t look so pretty.  Mine turned out a little flatter than I think scones should.  I also fell down on the job again as far as pictures.  It was only after I sent my husband off with the prettier scones that I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures yet. (Hey- this remembering to take a bunch of pictures of all the food I make is harder than it sounds!  I’m sure you’ve also all noticed that my kitchen has the worst lighting possible and my camera probably costs A LOT less than ones used to take pictures on some other food blogs.)

Based on taste, I would give these a good review.  As far as looks, I’d like to try the recipe again sometime when I don’t feel so rushed. 

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