Sunday, May 1, 2011

S'mores Bars

I’d promised earlier that there would be lots more posts about s’mores recipes.  Well, I’ve finally gotten around to posting a second one. 

People who like to bake all have a similar problem.  Once you’re done baking and have enjoyed one piece of deliciousness, you realize you have a lot of leftovers.  Even though that might sound great, it’s not so good for your health.  Luckily there is a simple solution for this problem.  You find some unsuspecting victims to unload these leftovers on.  I’m not sure victim is the appropriate word, as most of these people are usually more than willing to help you out.  So when the baking urge hit last week, I decided to go with a s’mores recipe that could be easily transportable the next day. 

The amount of s’mores recipes I have bookmarked is ridiculous.  I could probably keep a blog going for awhile on those recipes alone.  Some are more complex than others, but this s’mores bar recipe is one of the easier ones. 

For those of you that bake, you’ll notice that it’s basically a graham cracker topped with a chocolate chip cookie with mini marshmallows mixed in.  I’m always a little skeptical of recipes that try to add chocolate and marshmallow to something and call it a s’more.  Then I realized something.  So what if it’s basically a graham cracker topped with a chocolate chip cookie with mini marshmallows mixed in?  That sounds delicious. 

For this recipe, I used a recipe from Always with Butter.  First, mix up the cookie dough.
Next, lay out graham crackers on a standard size baking sheet.
Scoop out balls of dough onto the graham crackers.  I use a Pampered Chef cookie scoop.  The directions didn't specify, but I put a scoop per square.
After baking for 5 minutes, press broken up pieces of the Hershey bars into the cookies. (I used 2 instead of 3.)  This also gives you the chance to flatten them out so your cookie won't be so round.  Bake for the remaining time.

Once cooled, cut into squares. I was having a horrible time getting good pictures.  It's especially apparent in this picture of the final product.
I think I might try this recipe for regular chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies themselves were fantastic, especially with the cinnamon addition.  For the regular cookies, I’d leave out the marshmallows and use about ½ the cinnamon.  As for the s’mores bars, the graham cracker adds a nice crunch. The graham cracker does tend to get a little soft if not eaten in the first couple days, but the chance of there still being bars left after a day or so isn’t likely. 


  1. You described these well... they showed up in a dream I had!!!

  2. Ha ha. I'm pretty sure I've had dreams about s'mores before.