Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Asparagus Roll Ups with Ham & Cheddar

I had been searching recipe sites lately looking for something perfect for Easter.  Once I saw these roll ups from The Fresh Fridge, I knew they’d be perfect.  It’s impossible to resist the fresh green of the asparagus, the golden brown of the crescent rolls, and the sweetness of brown sugar ham.  I’ve previously expressed my appreciation for food that looks as good as it tastes.  These roll ups definitely fit that description.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they are also really simple to make. 
The first step is to take a package of crescent rolls and spread it out flat on a cookie sheet.  Spread some dijon mustard (or honey mustard, which I'll try next time) over the surface area.  Next, sprinkle on some of your favorite shredded cheese.  Adding cheese was the only change I made to the recipe. I used some shredded extra sharp white cheddar cheese.  I love the way it goes with brown sugar ham, but I’m sure that parmesan, swiss, or whatever cheese you have on hand would also work well.  When I told my sister I was adding cheese, she replied, “why not? Cheese makes everything better.”  Yep, we’re definitely related. 

Next, wrap a slice of ham around a stalk of steamed asparagus.
Place the ham & asparagus bundle on the large end of one of the crescent roll triangles. 

Leave the tip of the stalk sticking out of the top.  You may have to trim the bottom of the asparagus bundle to fit.  Roll up the crescent rolls. 

Bake as directed on the crescent roll package, or until golden brown. 

Aren't they pretty neat looking for something so simple?  These are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

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