Saturday, April 9, 2011

Triple Layer Oreo Brownies

I recently ran into an Oreo brownie recipe that looked too good to resist   It just so happened that my husband and I were meeting up with family later, so I had some unsuspecting victims to unload these super rich brownies on.  The brownies consisted of a brownie base stuffed with an Oreo.  The baked brownies were then covered with crushed Oreos and chocolate chips before being stuck back in the oven for a couple minutes.  Surely this was the end of the chocolate assault?  Nope.  Next, the entire batch was covered with a chocolate and peanut butter sauce.  You can see why I didn’t want to leave these around the house for myself. 
Since we are taking about a recipe involving Oreos, I have to take a minute to get something off my chest.  Use real Oreos, people!  There is nothing worse than someone telling you they’ve made an Oreo recipe, only to find out they’ve actually used fake Oreos.  People that offer up fake Oreos are not only oblivious, but rude.  It’s flat out insulting.  I saw a few version of this recipe using knock-off Oreos, but I wouldn’t even consider that. 

I was a little concerned that there was too much flour going into these brownies.  To me, the brownies turned out a little too cake like, which was odd since the brownie pictures in the recipe looked very dense and moist. I also didn’t have enough chocolate chips to fully complete the topping.  (Silly me- I only had 1 complete bag & about ¼ of another!) This meant I just drizzled the chocolate over the top instead of letting it completely cover it.  I still found the sauce, especially the peanut butter addition, to be a little too much. 


  1. Hmm..I wonder how this would work with Sunbutter or soy butter--stupid peanut allergy.

  2. Well this is a really awesome recipe! BTW I agree with you in using the real Oreos. It's the real thing why make fake oreos?